Coffi Eryri - Llanrhôst


Llanrhost is one of our most popular blends, and winner of a gold star award at the Great Taste Awards 2023!

50% Brazil – Rancho Grande. Tasting Notes: Dark gooseberry, plum , tamarind, heavy mouth-feel

50% Guatemala, - Farms of Lake Atitlan Tasting notes:Banana, walnuts, milk chocolate



Llanrhost has won a one-star award at the Great Taste Awards!

Llanrhôst is one of our most popular blends, the balance between the smoothness of the Brazilian coffee and the earthy flavour of the Guatemala makes a great blend.

All of Coffi Eryri's blends will be seasonal, but we aim to keep the style and flavour of the blend as consistent and possible.

50% Brazil – Fazenda Pantano. Tasting Notes: Orange and caramel with a praline cream and milk chocolate body.

50% Colombia – Canas Gordas, Tasting notes: Raspberry and kiwi with a sweet toffee body and dark chocolate finish

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150g x6, 1kg, 225g


Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter or Cafetiere, Wholebean


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