Affogato is a lovely Italian dessert based on coffee. Usually a vanilla ice cream "drowned" (affogato is Italian for drowning) in shot of warm Espresso.

This is the link to the ice cream recipe I used:

The recipe uses soft cheese and cornflour to give the ice cream a lovely creamy texture. I used an ice cream-making machine, but it is possible to use a cold bowl from the freezer and stir the mixture regularly alternating with putting it back in the freezer, if you have the patience! There is the advantage of using ice cream without eggs in an affogato, the eggs seems works against the flavour of coffee. It's a bit time consuming but rather delicious!

After you've finished the ice cream and allowed it to freeze properly, place one scoop of ice cream in a dessert bowl with a shot of espresso on top. Any strong coffee e.g. from a mokapot, similar to the one below, would be fine if you haven't got an espresso maker:

It should look like this:

It is important to balance the flavours of the ice cream and coffee, I thought that the combination of a pretty strong coffee, like Coffi Eryri's Guatemala works wonderfully with this ice cream.

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