Ethiopia Bombe


Tasting notes: Sweet apricots, bergamot, jasmin and black tea with full body.

SCAA cup score: 89

Altitude: 2000-2400

Process: Washed, dry fermentation.

Varietal: Heirloom




This lovely coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains, where the majority of the farmers who grow this coffee live.  Processed with variation on the traditional washing process (the fruit removed from the beans before drying) as they do not add any water to the tank during fermentation (fermentation), and is therefore a "dry" fermentation. The dry fermentation involves allowing the coffee to rest in fermentation tanks after de-mucking (this is where the seed has been removed from the fruit). This process uses much less water and has helped the environmental sustainability in its production. The design and good management of the Bombe washing station allows for special processing techniques, such as sheltered fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as sheltered drying tables for use with the coffee. The wet mill is well organized and run by a team including Atkilt Dejene, a female agronomist who has also worked with the Gesha Village Project, among others such as processing expert Eyasu Bekele, who worked on the Reko Koba project several years in a row. Uthe minimum capacity of the Bombe washing station is 2.5 million Kg of lexicon. Over the past couple of years, this site has focused on maintaining a strict commitment to producing excellent quality rather than increasing their turnover.

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150g x6, 1kg, 225g


Ground for Filter or Cafetiere, Wholebean


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